RightHear is a Zero Project 2023 Awardee!

RightHear user waking in the street. The Zero Project Award badge is next to him.


RightHear is one of the Zero Project Award winners of 2023!
You can consider that as the “Grammy award for Disability Inclusion”.

Out of 320 nominations, 156 nominations (from 64 countries) made it to the Zero Project Awardee 2023 Shortlist, based on an extensive multi-step peer-review process that was influenced by the three main criteria of evaluation; (1) innovation; (2) impact; and (3) scalability.

We are very proud to be among the 71 awardees (from 38 countries) and to receive this important recognition on the international stage.

About Zero Project Awards

The Zero Project is committed to supporting the implementation of the United
Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD), by
researching, identifying, communicating, and supporting Innovative Solutions
globally and across all sectors of society. The Zero Project 2023 annual research
cycle was dedicated to the theme of Independent Living & Political Participation,
and ICT.

Independent Living emphasizes that persons with disabilities have the right to
choose where and with whom they live on an equal basis with others, as stipulated by Article 19 of the CRPD. This includes access to residential support services, including personal assistance, and support to prevent isolation from the community.

Political Participation – as highlighted in Articles 21 and 29 of the CRPD – stipulates
that persons with disabilities have the right to express their opinions and participate in political and public life. This includes both their right to vote and be voted for during elections as well as the protection of their votes and their identity as voters.

The Research and Selection Process

Zero Project’s annual research cycle is centered around four main areas of research: independent living and political participation; accessibility; employment; and education.
ICT-related innovations are specifically covered each year and receive dedicated
attention within the Zero Project research cycle.

The Zero Project’s research process is marked by its commitment to an extensive
peer-review process and the three main criteria: innovation, impact, and scalability.
Thanks to its vast global network, the Zero Project organizes a multi-step
nomination, evaluation, and selection process, which culminates in the
announcement of the annual Awardees. The Awardees receive the opportunity to
showcase their innovative work at the Zero Project Conference and receive
dedicated space in the annual Zero Project Report that will be shared online and in
print with disability inclusion experts.

Zero Project Award Winner 2023