RightHear Has Partnered with Matthew Levy OAM to be Our First Brand Ambassador

Matt is smiling next to RightHear logo

We are thrilled to announce the partnership with Australian-born Paralympian Matthew Levy OAM to be our first brand ambassador.

Choosing Matt as our brand ambassador was an easy decision for us. His personality and history represents a lot of what RightHear is truly about. From demonstrating independence, to following our passion to build a more accessible world, and embodying how equality should look in society across daily life and sports, Matt is a wonderful addition to our RightHear community. Matt symbolizes our vision and values we have, and we are very excited to begin working with him.

Matt’s book, Keeping Your Head Above Water: Inspirational Insights From a Champion,  describes his inspirational life story of how he faced great struggles, but built himself to become a world swimming champion.
As Matt writes in his book, he was given two choices when he was born:
to sink or swim.

Born 15 weeks premature, Matt has cerebral palsy and a vision impairment. From a young age Matt was told by doctors that he would never walk properly and that there were many other things he would not be able to do. Yet, through a never give up mindset, Matt has beat all odds and continues to swim his way past life’s roadblocks, becoming a 4x Paralympic gold medalist, motivational public speaker, and successful business manager. Matt is a champion para-swimmer who competes for Team Australia in freestyle, butterfly, and team medley races.
Having almost competed in 5 Paralympic Games with the upcoming Games in Tokyo this summer, Matt continues to trailblaze the accessibility space as a world-class athlete.
He empowers other athletes to overcome their challenges, as “everything we do in life has a purpose and a meaning.

Matt is smiling after a race while still inside the swimming pool

His passion and will to overcome has caught the attention of many, including our RightHear team, as he is a leader and an inspiration in the sports and accessibility space. Being a brand ambassador is no new task to Matt. He is part of numerous partnerships and charities that focus on bringing public awareness and understanding to people living with disabilities. 

Matt champions his perspective that “no matter how hard the road seems, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.” Sharing a similar belief, our RightHear team strives to serve as a beacon of light and hope for the blind and visually impaired community through creating more accessible environments that allow for greater independence. Throughout Matt’s 50 operations on his brain, heart, lungs, ears, and more, his drive and ambition to succeed have led him to greatness.
By not letting his disabilities define who he is, Matt has been able to become an outstanding athlete and motivational figure for other athletes with different abilities.

Matt is swimming in a race

As a brand ambassador, Matt will help raise awareness for RightHear for both businesses to adopt our audible wayfinding technology and for visually impaired individuals to become aware and benefit from these services. Matt will help RightHear continue to be a gold standard for audible wayfinding technologies and an advocate for the visually impaired community. He represents the exact independence that our team envisions for all of our users: the ability to live freely without any limitations. 

Matt with the Gold Medal