Inclusion starts
with accessibility

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Since its inception in March 2016, RightHear has been at the forefront of creating a more inclusive world, pioneering the revolutionary category of “Indoor Orientation.” Our innovative approach has transformed over 2,400 venues worldwide, making them accessible to people with low vision or orientation challenges. By redefining access, we’ve unlocked thousands of previously inaccessible places, fostering independence in 26 different languages.

Each day marks a new milestone in our journey, as more venues join our growing network and an increasing number of users embrace the freedom of independent travel provided by RightHear.

At the core of RightHear is our unwavering commitment to “Indoor Orientation,” a novel concept that introduces a new dimension of interaction with environments through “Audio Format Signage.” This innovative approach goes beyond traditional navigation, offering a dynamic way for those with low vision or orientation challenges to engage with their surroundings. By converting physical cues into auditory signals, our solutions provide an intuitive, real-time guide, transforming how users perceive and navigate spaces, and unlocking a spectrum of possibilities in every environment.

Join us in shaping a more accessible future, where every space is a gateway to greater independence and confidence. RightHear is more than a service; it’s a movement toward a world where everyone has the right to explore freely and independently.

Our Values

Independence, Passion, and Equality are our main values.

We believe that everyone should feel able, included, and empowered everywhere. Therefore, our aim is to make the world a more accessible place for everyone. 

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Best Bootstrapped Startup Of The Year 2020 by Geektime.

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