Most Special Projects of 2019!

This year, just like last year, we surveyed the RightHear’s team and users asking what in their opinion are the most significant projects of the year. The projects are chosen by any aspect the voter wants. We asked them to choose the projects they think are unique and meaningful for the blind or visually impaired. After analyzing the results, we have a list of the winning projects.

This year, we have decided to reach out and meet the people behind these accessibility projects that chose to make their venues accessible for thousands of people in Israel – these projects are a role model for businesses, institutions, and buildings throughout the country.


Meet the winning projects for 2019:

Yamit 2000

Yamit 2000 is the perfect place to spend the summer. It is interesting to note that they have just finished work on a project of racing slides imported from the Netherlands and now people who are blind and visually impaired can enjoy them. We met Gil Even who has been managing the park for the last 3 years, also meeting Nir Nahum with him who is responsible for accessibility, who believe that: “Today’s generation is more independent, the RightHear’s system is necessary to install in public places. They deserve to be and feel equal.” 

Idan Meir righthear CEO and Yamit 2000 manager holding the certificate
Idan Meir righthear CEO and Yamit 2000 manager talking


For those who do not know, Metropoline is the fourth-largest public transport company in Israel! The Metropoline management takes the accessibility issue very seriously and believes that all the “Al-Hakav” service stations and public transportation stations in Israel should be accessible. At Metropoline we met Daniel Itach and his substitute, Ilya Yatzko, director of information systems at the company.

RighHear team and metropoline team holding the certificate
Metropoline certificate
Accessible sticker

The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Herzliya

An interesting fact about the hotel is that one of the RightHear users comes to this hotel every year to celebrate her birthday! At the hotel, we met Ran – the maintenance department manager – for a cup of coffee and handing the certificate.

right hear app open. holding phone towards balcony
right hear app open on phone next to a cup of coffee


We were delighted and excited to meet all of the people behind these significant projects and to thank them in person for their cooperation and faith in accessibility. We would like to thank everyone who believed in our vision, thanks to you the more and more venues are turning accessible to thousands of people in Israel!

We hope you are inspired from these amazing projects of 2019, and maybe your venue will appear on the list of “Chosen Projects for 2020” if you choose to do well by doing good.