Microsoft: A trailblazer for accessibility

Microsoft’s Herzliya campus was designed to support innovation and accessibility while being environmentally friendly. It is the first “LEED V4 Gold” certified building in Israel. Which makes it one of the most sustainable buildings in the country.

It uses innovative technologies such as:

  1. WaterGen which generates water from air moisture
  2. GreenWall platform to nurture vegetation growth, and
  3. RightHear’s wayfinding system which provides geo-specific guidance for the blind and visually impaired

View the video below to learn more about this innovative building.

Vered Gindi, Lead Architect, says in her interview with MicrosoftYou are not just going to work; you are experiencing a lifestyle.”

The building is much more than its walls and its structure. It’s a statement about how to push the boundaries of a physical space. And to make it accessible and inclusive to all.

The RightHear app is also part of the Microsoft AI for Good Acceleration program. The program helps Israeli startups promote artificial intelligence (AI) solutions and accelerate app development and commercialization. The RightHear app is available on iOS and Android. It is accessible in 26 languages. It also integrates with other assistive technologies, including Microsoft’s Seeing AI. 

What are you waiting for? Download the RightHear app today on iOS or Android and go explore the world!

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