Leading the Way: B’nai Israel Congregation Introduces RightHear

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with B’nai Israel Congregation in Rockville, Maryland, marking a significant milestone in accessibility within North American synagogues. As leaders in the field of accessibility technology, we at RightHear are honored to introduce our innovative solution to B’nai Israel, making it the first synagogue on the continent to implement our system.

At the heart of this collaboration lies a shared commitment to inclusivity and innovation. B’nai Israel Congregation, a vibrant and inclusive community, has demonstrated an unwavering dedication to ensuring that all members and visitors can fully participate in synagogue activities, services, and events. With the installation of RightHear, the congregation further solidifies its position as a beacon of inclusivity, setting a precedent for houses of worship worldwide.

B'nai Israel Congregation Front Building

Picture taken by B’nai Israel Congregation

So, what does RightHear bring to B’nai Israel Congregation?

Real-Time Audio Assistance: Through our intuitive mobile app, available on both iOS and Android platforms, users receive instant audio guidance and information about the layout of the synagogue. From entrances to seating areas, our system provides detailed descriptions of key points of interest within the building, empowering individuals with visual impairments to navigate with confidence and independence.

Orientation Assistance: With RightHear, individuals can effortlessly orient themselves within the synagogue environment. Our system delivers audio descriptions of surroundings, aiding users in locating important areas and enhancing their overall experience within the congregation.

Event and Service Information: Stay informed and engaged with RightHear’s comprehensive event and service updates. Our system ensures that everyone is well-informed about upcoming events, service schedules, and any relevant announcements, fostering active participation in congregational life.

Watch the full video below

Rabbi Mitchell Berkowitz, Associate Rabbi of B’nai Israel Congregation, expressed his enthusiasm for this historic achievement, emphasizing the congregation’s commitment to inclusivity and welcoming all individuals. He highlighted the importance of ensuring accessibility for people of all abilities, reflecting the values of their tradition.

Idan Meir, Co-Founder and CEO of RightHear, shared his pride in partnering with B’nai Israel Congregation to deliver accessibility to their community. Despite challenges, including the global pandemic, RightHear remains steadfast in its mission to make the world more accessible, one building at a time.

As we witness RightHear in action at B’nai Israel Congregation, we are reminded of the transformative power of technology in fostering inclusivity and breaking down barriers. This partnership sets a remarkable precedent for other religious institutions and organizations, inspiring them to prioritize accessibility and create welcoming spaces for people of all abilities.

Stay tuned for more updates on RightHear’s journey as we strive to make the world a more inclusive place for everyone.