How it works?

An open box of the RightHear kit

We've made it very simple.

The system has 3 main components:
An Online Portal, Bluetooth Beacons, and the visitor’s free mobile app. 

RightHear's Client Dashboard

An Online Portal

Tailor your audio descriptions using a secure admin dashboard. Incorporate links, and phone numbers, and maintain complete control over your audio format signage system.
It’s user-friendly and gives you the flexibility to customize as needed. Get Started for Free

RightHear's Bluetooth Beacon

Bluetooth Beacons

Instantly deliver audio descriptions to your customers. Easily pinpoint crucial spots like restrooms and exits, or announce exclusive promotions and audible menus.
Our solution smoothly integrates without needing any complex system setups, WiFi, or even electricity. Simple, efficient, and designed for seamless accessibility.

RightHear app launched on an iPhone x device

Free App

Encourage your customers to download our free app, available for both Android and iOS.
It supports 26 languages, including Spanish, Arabic, and English, making it accessible and user-friendly for a diverse customer base.

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