How We Are Turning Universities Across Israel Into Accessible Environments

A student holds books

Since our inception, we at RightHear have strongly believed that physical barriers should not be an obstacle for any individual, especially when it comes to education. We have been committed to making universities accessible places for all individuals and have been devoted to turning our belief into a reality.

After developing the RightHear solution, co-founders Idan Meir and Gil Elgrably knew that their alma mater, The Open University of Israel, had to be the first university to become accessible with the solution. After returning to the university and scouting out prime locations and observing where accessibility spots would be put to the best use. After reviewing our proposal with the university, our partnership was secured and in November of 2015, The Open University of Israel became the first university in the world to be accessible with the RightHear solution installing our solution over their 5 campuses.

The RightHear solution helps us fulfill our mission of flexibility and inclusion and allows all individuals to have the opportunity to learn on our campuses"

After much positive feedback, from both our users and the university’s administration, we have reached out to other universities across the country to partner with us. We are pleased to say that numerous others have implemented our system across their own campuses. Our other university partners include Tel Aviv University, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the University of Haifa, Afeka University, and Weizmann Institute of Science.

Before RightHear’s implementation on these university campuses, accessibility efforts were focused mainly on creating accessible textbooks, graphs, and websites and the biggest problem for these individuals- being able to get from building to building and class to class on their own was being overlooked. Now, with the RightHear solution, these institutions are making sure that individuals with disabilities can be full independent in all areas relating to their studies.

Tali, one of our users who has used our solution in venues of all types, has said it makes “you feel more confident, you feel more able, you have less doubts about things and you get to feel a sense of freedom.”

"With RightHear, You get to feel a sense of freedom"

Are you a student of faculty member interested in making your university accessible to all individuals? Put us in touch with your administration by sending us an email to!

Special thanks to Sam Levinson in helping us creating this blog post.