Frequently Asked Questions

System Overview

This video provides an overview of the system, its various components, and how it functions as a comprehensive accessibility system.

How to use the app?

This video provides instruction in English regarding the use of the RightHear application once installed on the device. Please note that the tutorial in the video is an application in version 2.5 so if your version is newer, there may be changes in the user experience. 
We’ll soon be rolling out a new video about using the app in the new version 3.0.

How do blind people use Smartphones?

Many have asked us: How do blind people and visually impaired use a smartphone? After all, a screen is a touch screen … So in order to answer this question, we edited a video that explains exactly that.

How to change the batteries in an Estimote beacon?

In this video, we explain how to replace the batteries sensors easily after 4 years. Replacing the batteries is very simple and it can be done by anyone without any prior technical background.

What the RightHear service enable?

For application users, the service enables independent orientation and navigation in public spaces.
The users get a voice description of the environment and can know where they are, what is around them and can call for help from a representative instead if necessary.
For our partners (the owners of the institutions and businesses that have chosen to implement our system in their structure) our solution provides granting equality, independence and accessibility to hundreds of thousands of people in the world.
In addition, they have access to thier dashboard account, where they can manage their fleet of sensors and update the content if there is a structural change in place.

What does the system include?

The system includes a mobile app, beacons to be installed in the venue, and an online admin portal (Dashboard) for managing the audio description and fleet.

אפליקציית ריטהיר מופעלת באייפון במצב מאוזן
RightHear Beacon
RightHear Beacon
RightHear Beacon
RightHear dashboard shown inside a laptop

Does the app cost money?

The RightHear app is
100% free for users, on Android and iOS. 
We believe that are users should not pay for the world to be accessible for them. 

QR Code to the app stores

Does the app require an Internet connection?

No. The application does not require an internet connection, but in order for it to work well, 
you need to turn on the Bluetooth at your phone and enable the location services.

Does the app only work in closed spaces?

The app works in open and closed spaces, depending on user settings.
If the user chose to use the app at “Indoor Mode”, then the app extracts the information from the sensors installed in the area.
If the user chose to use the app at “Outdoor Mode”, the the app extracts the information from an open source map (GPS). 

A female user using the app in the park

How do I know which places are accessible?

You can find the list of the accessibility locations at the app.
To open this list, you need to click at the "Nearby spots" button.
The locations will be listed from the closest to the farthest based on you current location.
A screenshot of the list of locations in the app

What’s an Accessible Zone? An Accessible Spot?

An Accessible Zone is an entire venue, be it an entire university campus or a local coffee shop, that is equipped with the RightHear solution.
An Accessible Spot is an individual location within an Accessible Zone.
At each Accessible Spot, there is a Bluetooth sensor beacon installed that connects to the user’s phone and provides 360 degree orientation information, as well as relevant, helpful information about points of interest nearby.

How does it work?

At each Accessible Spot, the beacon utilizes Bluetooth technology to transmit all of the relevant information to the user’s smartphone.
The smartphone app, in conjunction with VoiceOver or TalkBack, then reads the information out loud to the user. 
Because all of the Accessible Spots in a building are strategically located, the user is always within range and has access to information.
The information is input, and updated, through an online dashboard that the venue manager has total control of.
Managers can update the information as often as they wish so the audio descriptions are always relevant.

As a user, how can I get RightHear installed in a venue near me?

Thanks for wanting to spread the word about RightHear and help us grow our network of Accessible lcoation! First, we suggest you’ll talk to a manager or accessibility officer (if there is one) at the desired venue.

Once you have their contact information, send us an email at with the name of the venue, the address, and the contact information of the person you spoke with. We’ll take it from there and do 
our best to work with them on making the venue accessible.
If you’d like, we’ll even keep you updated on the process.

In the meantime, post about us on social media and share/retweet what we post. The more buzz we can generate, the more venues will hear about our solution and become interested in adopting it!

For more questions:

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