Austin Clinic Enhances Accessibility with the RightHear System

We’re thrilled to announce that Austin Area Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Fertility (AAOBGYN) has installed the RightHear Accessibility system at their Austin clinic! This exciting update ensures the clinic is fully accessible to people who are blind or have low vision.

RightHear Features at AAOBGYN

  • Real-Time Audio Assistance: Our app, available on iOS and Android, provides real-time audio guidance, making navigation within the clinic seamless.
  • Orientation Help: Users receive audio descriptions of their surroundings, helping them locate important areas easily.
  • Event Information: Stay updated with details about upcoming events and announcements.

Commitment to Inclusivity

“At AAOBGYN, we believe everyone should have equal access to women’s health care,” said Cori Mabry, IT Operations Manager. “Installing RightHear is a significant step towards creating an inclusive environment for all our patients.”

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Idan Meir, shared, “We are thrilled to work with AAOBGYN. Our mission is to make the world more accessible, and partnerships like this help us achieve that goal.”


Founded in 1960, AAOBGYN is a leading women’s health clinic in Austin, Texas, offering advanced care for women at all life stages. The clinic provides convenient on-site parking and free valet parking for expectant mothers.

About RightHear

RightHear provides indoor orientation and audio signage systems for people with visual impairments. Our technology helps businesses achieve ADA compliance and create more inclusive environments.

With the installation of RightHear, AAOBGYN ensures that all patients can access the care they need with confidence and independence.

Thank you to Angila Chapmond, Director of HR/Operations and to Cori Mabry, IT Operations Manager.

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Stay tuned for more updates on RightHear’s journey as we strive to make the world a more inclusive place for everyone.